Your First Visit

You can shorten your visit time by downloading the new patient forms from the links below. Expect to have a thorough examination. We will ask you do to some simple functional tests to help us evaluate your health. We will perform a complete orthopedic, neurological and functional evaluation. After examining your posture, we may take some x-rays if you exhibit any “red flags” during your examination.

At that point, we‘ll talk to you about what we‘ve found and what we recommend for treatment. If you‘re a candidate for chiropractic care and no diagnostic tests are ordered, we can often perform your first treatment on this visit. Of course, we won‘t do anything without talking to you about it first and explaining what we‘re going to do.

If you’re not a candidate for chiropractic care, we will recommend you to some of the top doctors in our area who specialize in the care you need. Our office is a preferred provider for many insurance plans. Click here for more information on insurance.

Patient Forms