Our Services

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Chiropractic Manipulation

We provide safe, effective spinal corrections to help you achieve your fullest health. We offer both manual and gentle instrument manipulation.

Disc Distraction

If you have pain caused by a herniated or bulging disc, we utilize a special disc protocol to relieve your symptoms and allow your disc to repair.

Physical Modalities

Micro-current, mechanical traction, moist heat and ice are a few of the modalities we us during acute episodes of pain.

Soft Tissue Therapy

At times soft tissue therapy may be in order to help improve circulation, relax tight musculature, and remodel scar tissue. We provide soft tissue therapy of various types, including trigger point, post isometric relaxation, passive stretching and transverse friction.

Customized Rehab Programs

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As a patient of Dr. Simmons, you can expect to receive some self-help, home based care training during your chiropractic appointment to help you manage your pain and maintain your health at home. This usually includes home-based soft tissue therapy, stretches and special stabilization exercises that are designed to address your particular needs. One of the most common problems in large populations of chronic pain patients is weak spinal stabilizer strength.


Acupuncture has a proven track record for thousands of years. It is a treatment option for those who wish to include it in their treatment plan.

Functional Testing

We use special tests from experts around the world including Vleeming, Janda, McGill, Lewit, and McKenzie to assess your weaknesses and address the underlying cause of your symptoms.

Computerized Posture Evaluations and Foot Scans

We have posture evaluation software that measures postural faults and documents postural imbalances that can then be improved with treatment. We  also utilize a computerized foot scanner that can detect pronation and supination faults than can promote pelvic unleveling and low back pain, especially if you have a history of low back after standing for long periods.